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    Jan-Mar 2015 ~ accepting reservations

Gavin | Kailua, HI Newborn Pineapple Photographer

12 Days

Such a handsome little fella:-)Baby Gavin was a champ during his big day in the spotlight! He made it all the way through our photo session together in just a short 45 minutes. We even managed to capture a little smirk on the moon! Thank you again for sharing your new arrival with us. There will be so many more fun and unique scenes to see in Gavin’s full gallery!! In the meantime we hope you have fun showing off this sneak-peek. Enjoy!



Vance | Honolulu, HI Baby Firefighter Photographer

11 Days

I’m not sure if you have taken notice of all the posts lately, but we are in the middle of a baby “BOOM” right now;-)It was so fun to introduce a new version of our firefighter scene last week! Baby Vance was the perfect model for it too!! He did wonderful overall and we were able to capture so many precious images in just 1 hour. Again, it was an honor to document these memories for your family and we sincerely appreciate your business. Enjoy!



Saige | Ewa Beach, HI Newborn Mermaid Photographer

11 Days

I love it when I get to share my birthday with another baby!! Saige was a sweetheart and slept through her entire 1 hour session. I was really drawn to the textures in the three photos below:-)Although it was so hard to choose just a few to share, as there are 4 more unique scenes in her full gallery! We hope you enjoyed your experience at our studio. Thank you again!


Evan | Honolulu, HI Newborn Rocket Photographer

12 Days

Baby Evan was “peeking” upon arrival, but shortly after drifted back to sleep. We managed to get through a couple of scenes, but then he began showing signs of needing a feeding break before continuing. We got back to work about 20 min later and were able to finish the rest of the scenes his parents had chosen for re-creation. It was SO exciting to have Evan be the first model for our brand new ROCKET!! Thank you again for choosing Aloha Island Baby Photography, enjoy:-)