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Alijah | Wahiawa, HI Newborn Boy Photographer

9 Days

Such a handsome little fellow:-)Baby Alijah made it straight through his newborn photo session in just 45 minutes! Beyond this sneak-peek he was also a baby owl, hung out at the “beach”, slept on the moon and more! These will be such precious memories for his family. Thank you for choosing Aloha Island Baby Photography, enjoy!


Evalani - September 18, 2014 - 12:40 PM

Thank you Darla & Todd! You both were absolutely amazing with baby Alijah. I am so glad I chose both of you to create these special memories for me. I absolutely just love them!!

Darla - September 19, 2014 - 10:42 AM

You are so welcome!! We really appreciate your kind words. Likewise, it was a joy to meet you and capture these memories of your handsome little boy :-)

Marissa | Pearl City, HI Newborn Girl Photographer

11 Days

I mentioned on our facebook page that we have had the honor of welcoming 3 newborns into this family now, over the past few years!!! We were so excited to meet their newest arrival last week. Marissa was super cute and we captured several precious memories of her! I just LOVE the one of her Dad and Mom’s hands forming a heart, so beautiful! It has been a joy to work with you folks again and we hope you have fun showing off your new baby girl:) Enjoy!


Kira | Pearl City, HI Newborn Beach Photographer

7 Days

Kira was definitely in the running for the Top 5 newborns with the most hair! She was super adorable and an angel to work with. It’s hard to believe, but her session was a quick and smooth 40 minutes from start to finish! It was a joy to meet your family and capture so many precious memories of your new arrival.  Kira was a blessing to work with and we hope you have fun showing off these sneak-peek images  ;-)




Kimmy - September 15, 2014 - 9:54 AM

These pictures of our little Kira are heartwarming! We are so pleased with the way they turned out. Our biggest regret is not having Aloha Island Baby Photography photographs of our first daughter as a newborn.
Thank you Darla and Todd!!

Zoey | Pearl City, HI Newborn Infant Photographer

13 Days

I am so in love with the first image of Baby Zoey as Minnie Mouse:)Super cute! She arrived at the studio wide awake and we were warned that she may be a little challenging to work with. However after a little time and patience she slowly drifted off to sleep. We were able to capture so many adorable photos in just 50 minutes. There are even 4 more unique scenes beyond this sneak-peek in her full gallery! Thank you for choosing Aloha Island Baby Photography. Enjoy!


Cecily | Honolulu, HI Newborn Moon Photographer

7 Days

Baby Cecily was sleeping so peacefully on our Moon prop that we just had to try out the cow hat with it! It reminded us of the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle”, where the cow jumped over the moon;)Cecily turned out to be great little one to work with and we captured everything that was planned without needing a break! She will have so many fun photos to enjoy when she is older. We are happy it worked out to have you folks at our studio. You have such a sweet baby girl, enjoy!