• Award winning photographer and published author, Darla Smith, has traveled the country in pursuit of her dream to create whimsical works of art. Using photography as a medium of expression, she has had the privilege of welcoming over 1,000+ newborns and babies to studios located in Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania & Hawaii!

    Whether you prefer organic tones, classic posing, or colorful and fun images, there is a little something for everyone. Be sure to join us on Facebook and stay tuned for more adorable posts soon. We appreciate you taking the time to visit and hope you leave with a smile :-)

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Another sweet little one! Jada’s Mom drove from Omaha to see us 🙂 I mentioned on our facebook page how fitting the first image, “Winter Wonderland”, was with our -2 degrees here in Lincoln. I love that we captured another little smirk with our pink blanket scene! Thank you again for choosing Darla Smith Photography. We hope you enjoy these memories captured for many years to come…

Jada ~ 9 Days
“Sleeping Newborn Session”

©DarlaSmithNewbornssnowman ©darlasmithnewbornphotography

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Baby Nora was an angel to work with! We were able to keep her sound asleep from each scene change, without waking! I just love that little smirk in the last image, SO cute! We hope you enjoyed your experience at our studio and I’m sure you will have fun sharing these images with friends and family 🙂

Nora ~ 9 Days
“Sleeping Newborn Session”

©darlasmithnewborn ©darlasmithnewborns

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We really enjoyed visiting with this couple who actually relocated from the same island we lived on in Hawaii! It was also an honor to meet and photograph their newest addition to the family, Luke 🙂 He was the cutest little boy, with a full head of hair! Here are a few of my favorites from his photo session earlier this week. Thank you again, I look forward to sharing Luke’s full gallery with you very soon!

Luke ~ 10 Days
“Sleeping Newborn Session”

©darlasmithturtle ©darlasmithnewbornbaby

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