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Chloelle | Honolulu, HI Newborn Girl Photographer

11 Days

It brings me so much joy each time I am able to share another sweet baby with you! Chloelle did wonderful during her photo session and we were able to keep her sleeping peacefully throughout each scene change, ending in just 45 minutes! Congratulations again on your beautiful addition to the family. There are so many more cute pictures to share with you soon! Enjoy:-)


Laci - October 24, 2014 - 7:51 AM

Thank you so much Darla & Todd! We are loving the photos. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Kiralee | Honolulu, HI Newborn Color Photographer

How could you not smile back when you see the first image of Baby Kiralee sleeping on the little bed:-) She was just like a real life “doll” and had so much beautiful, dark hair! I really love how colorful each and every one of the sample photos are below. Thank you again for choosing Aloha Island Baby Photography. We look forward to sharing Kiralee’s full gallery with you soon!


Harper & Sadi-Joseph | Aiea, HI Newborn Twin Photographer

Meet Harper as “Red Riding Hood” and Sadi-Joseph as “The Wolf”!  It was such a joy working with these brother and sister twins from last week:) I must say, they had quite the adventurous day from flying through outer-space, to buzzing around the garden, hanging out at the barnyard and more! The amazing part is neither of them woke up during their turn for photos and we were completely wrapped up in just 1.5 hours! It was a blessing to work with your little ones and we hope you enjoyed the experience at our studio as much as we did…


Gavin | Kailua, HI Newborn Pineapple Photographer

12 Days

Such a handsome little fella:-)Baby Gavin was a champ during his big day in the spotlight! He made it all the way through our photo session together in just a short 45 minutes. We even managed to capture a little smirk on the moon! Thank you again for sharing your new arrival with us. There will be so many more fun and unique scenes to see in Gavin’s full gallery!! In the meantime we hope you have fun showing off this sneak-peek. Enjoy!